Who are we

Lifeline Direct (LLD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifeline Australia, delivering the suite of Lifeline's services across ten geographical regions in both NSW, Victoria and NT.

LLD works as a collaborative of local Lifeline Centres sharing administrative and other support services, which not only delivers efficiency in administration, but enables the Centres to work together in areas that were not previously possible. This, all while maintaining a sense of ‘localness’ to operate and serve local communities.

LLD encompasses the Hunter region, Central Coast, Eastern Suburbs-Bondi, New England North West, Northern NSW, Geelong and South West Victoria, Northern and Western Melbourne and Central Australia.

LLD as a model focuses on supporting the development and ongoing implementation of suicide prevention and community wellbeing programs in the Centre’s local community, while looking for opportunities to grow Lifeline’s services in geographical areas where they do not currently exist.

Our work at Lifeline is driven by our vision of ‘An Australia Free of suicide’

Our mission

To support people in our communities to seek help in a way, a time and at a place that works for them. Lifeline supports the community and people experiencing difficulty through accessible crisis support, counselling, education, community capacity building and referral services. We do this by:

  • Connecting people with care
  • Run by the local community for the local community
  • A voice of calm in crisis

Interested in becoming part of our team?

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