The holiday season is full of fun, laughter and celebration. But, unfortunately, it’s also a time when we might feel overwhelmed, depressed or lonely. There’s often a lot of pressure to feel happy and enjoy ourselves, which can lead to the expectation that all will be well.

Asking for help can be challenging and scary, but reaching out can make all the difference. Lifeline is here for you.

Our downloadable wellness guides below can help you, and your loved ones navigate the upcoming festive season.

Last year, we received over 98,000 calls in December—a record for that time of year. And, on New Year's Day, we had the busiest day in our almost 60-year history, with 3,726 calls to Lifeline. It’s sobering to think that of all the hardship we’ve faced over the past few years – the festive season remains overwhelming for so many.

Donate today so that we can ensure no calls go unanswered these holidays.

12 Days of Wellness Guide
Supporting a Loved One Guide