Wednesday 1st June

12 am - 12 am

The Push-Up Challenge, June 1 – June 24 2022, 3,139 push-ups over 24 days. Get fit, have fun, learn about mental health.

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Push up challange2
  • June 1 – June 24 2022
  • 3,139 push-ups
  • Over 24 days
  • Get fit, have fun, learn about mental health


Registering is super simple and you can do so here.

Register as a participant and then you'll be asked if you want to join or create a team or perhaps go solo. It's super simple. Give it a crack!


Or perhaps join a team?? Either way, taking part in a team environment can work wonders for motivation and who doesn't like a bit of healthy competition?! Most people take on the challenge as an individual target, but you can also work towards the target together.


A team of 1 really isn't a team is it? Time to get inviting people to join your crew. Simply share the link of your page with people you know via email, Facebook or whatever people use these days. The more the merrier! If you think your team is getting a bit too big (we think 10 is a good number but we have seen teams of over 20 in the past), let us know and perhaps you can have 2+ teams. We'll then set you up in your own Community.


A Community is a collection of teams which sits under the same umbrella and is great for connecting your crew, building comradery and a little bit of friendly competition. Communities work well for workplaces, gyms, schools and clubs, or big groups of mates and allows you to see the total push-ups complete and funds raised across your Community. This is super simple to set-up and we respond to all participant queries. Reach out if you need help getting started.


On the 1st of June it all begins. You'll be completing 3,139 push-ups over 24 days (or perhaps 20%, 50% or 75% of this). The target amount per day varies and whilst you can catch up if you fall behind, you can't get ahead. Leading up to the event we will release our brand new App which allows you to track your push-ups and see how others in your team are going too. The App is super easy to use. If you can't see it quite yet, fear not, it will be released closer to the start date.


Whilst fundraising is an optional part of this event, we do encourage it. As the event is free, feel free to throw in a few dollars to support mental health if you like and of course feel free to get your friends and family supporting you and the cause too. Our Legends page shows those who have been the most successful with fundraising.

Proceeds raised will go towards supporting Lifeline Northern NSW local services.