“Being a crisis supporter has helped me too. It has made me less selfish and a better listener. It challenges my perceptions and beliefs”. Lifeline Volunteer Ed Macindoe, 30yrs service as a Volunteer Crisis Supporter.

This year Ed Macindoe has reached the milestone of being a Lifeline Volunteer for 30 years. Ed has been a volunteer crisis supporter for 30 years, making him one of Lifeline’s longest-serving crisis supporters. He does a four-hour shift every fortnight but spent the first 10 years doing an overnight shift.

Ed is a 68-year-old Mt Vincent resident, and he was originally encouraged by his wife and the then church minister to become a crisis supporter. When asked why he has continued volunteering for so long, he said, “what we do is important for so many people.”

“I have a wider perspective on life and better understanding of people from all sorts of backgrounds,” Ed said.

“Being a crisis supporter is a humbling experience that has taught me a lot about people”.

“But there is always something new, that you haven’t dealt with before. While we may face similar issues, the circumstances are always different for each caller. I learn something from the callers, even in their times of crisis.”

“Being a crisis supporter makes me thankful for my life and the support I have from others.”

Today is international volunteer day. Today Lifeline celebrates the invaluable contribution of volunteers like Ed. Thank you, Ed, for all that you have done for Lifeline and the countless people you have helped along the way.