Tom's inspirational story is about walking away from his successful footballer career and managing his mental health on a daily basis.

In 2013, at the age of 18, Tom Boyd was undeniably the best junior footballer in Australia and was first pick in the AFL National Draft. After the beginning of an illustrious career in the game, however, things began to become unstitched. Tom ultimately made the tough decision mid-way through the 2019 season to walk away from his career with 2 years and over $2 million remaining on his contract, wanting to carve his own path and destiny. 

Tom joined us to talk about his inspirational personal story and how he manages his mental health.

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Holding onto Hope is a podcast series from Lifeline Australia, in which people who have come through the darkness of suicidality share the connection that gave them hope to continue living.

Please note that suicidality and its contributing factors are discussed and may have a triggering effect. If you experience emotional distress due to listening, please reach out to someone you trust and/or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 at any time. If life is in danger, please call 000.