Donations to Lifeline Northern Melbourne help support the availability of crisis support services 24/7

We are asking the community of Northern Melbourne to help raise money through regular giving (from monthly to annually) in order to keep us training and answering calls.

Through the support of Crisis Supporter volunteers we are able to continue to offer support 24/7, making help accessible to those who need it.

Donations help fund the ongoing training and supervision of Crisis Supporter volunteers. It costs Lifeline $39 for every call answered, meeting people in their darkest hour.

Your donation will help support the continuation of valuable crisis support services. You can donate online or call 1300 152 854.

Donate Online, or sign up as a Regular Giver

Other ways to donate

Donate Via Bank Transfer

Donations can be make directly from your bank account into ours using the details below.

Please reference: Donation-[Your Name]-[Location] so that your donation can help your local centre.

Account name: Lifeline Direct Ltd

BSB: 012 950

Account number: 837033947

Reference: Donation-[Your Name]-[Location]

Workplace Giving

To find out more about workplace giving and how your business can get involved contact us 1300 152 854.

There are still times when things get bad, where I just need to rely on the kindness of strangers…and they are the kindest of strangers.
Josh Hewitt, Lifeline Advocate