Saturday 1st October

Complete your challenge over the month of October.

Set your own goal and your own timeline.

Take the challenge to better yourself this October. Sign up to Lifeline's Challenge!

October is Mental Health Month. So set yourself a challenge to better your mental health by taking up something new, challenging yourself to change a habit OR just do more of something you love. Take control and kick start YOUR GOAL to improve your mental health.

Sign yourself and your workmates up to do something good for YOU and help Lifeline be there for others in times when they need to reach out for help!

Here is some inspiration on how to challenge yourself!

Learn to play the guitar / Run more / Learn to make pottery / Ride 100kms / Perfect that illusive skateboard trick / Challenge yourself to Zero Waste / Read lots of books / Learn Creative writing / Walk 20Kms / Walk the trail you've always wanted to tackle / Give up sugar or alcohol / Buy nothing new all month / Volunteer your time to Lifeline for a month!

If you are interested in signing your workplace up as a corporate group, we can organise your branded 'Challenge Yourself' page with a leader board etc.

Contact Patrick Calabria on 0424 693 469 or email [email protected].