Lifeline's Recovery and Resilience (R&R) project provides well-being support to communities that were devastated by the Black Summer bushfires in 2019/2020.

The project is jointly delivered by Lifeline Northern NSW and Lifeline New England North West North West and covers 10 Local Government Areas right through to the end of 2023. This project is made possible by funding from the Australian Government.

Our Mission

Our aim is to support people who may be experiencing difficulty by connecting them to our crisis support, accessible referral services and education to support community capacity building.

R&R Community Advocates are available to meet with community groups, businesses and community members to offer our training programs and crisis support services.

Our Reach - LGAs

The R&R Project is being delivered across the 10 Local Government Areas above.
The R&R Project is being delivered across the 10 Local Government Areas above.

The project funding also covers some LGAs that are typically serviced by Lifeline Mid Coast. Lifeline Mid Coast will continue to be the local source for suicide prevention and crisis support services in the NSW Mid Coast region, and by agreement, we will manage the R&R team and deliverables of this project throughout bushfire-impacted Mid Coast communities.

Lifeline’s Community Advocates

We have a team of trusted Community Advocates to make sure that our programs are delivered in ways that will reach and make a difference to as many people as possible.

We have 11 Community Advocates (1-day a week each) to help cover the regional/rural spread of this project.

  • we know that times have been tough
  • we recognise that every community is different
  • we know that the best people to ask are the people ‘on the ground’
  • we trust our local Community Advocates, and we learned in the first round of bushfire recovery funding that you do too
  • we want to make a difference, and work with and alongside local communities.

Community Advocates are passionate and knowledgeable about the people and places they live in. They are available to answer questions or talk to you about how our program be of benefit.

They value Lifeline’s crisis support services and training programs - especially in contributing to recovery and building community resilience. They are there to work with communities, understand the need, and help create opportunities for community groups, businesses and community members to engage with our service offerings.

Lifeline provides compassionate support for people in crisis. No judgement. No conditions. No agenda. Just a human connection to help people get through their darkest moments.

Lifeline Community Advocates delivering training and awareness to the local communities.

Lifeline Training Programs

Our training programs come in various shapes and sizes: face-to-face, online, long, short and in-between.

Lifeline works closely with people with a lived and living experience of suicide to develop evidence-based programs to keep Australians safe.

Our funding allows us to offer our range of Skills-for-Life training at no cost to communities identified as eligible under this funding.

Lifeline is a registered training organisation with a broad range of training programs, including:

Accidental Counsellor, safeTalk, ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, Mental Health First Aid, Mind Your Mates, All About You & START - Online Suicide Prevention

We'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch with your local Community Advocate and tell us about your community and have a chat about how we can help.

Phone 1300 152 854 or email [email protected]

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