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Corporate branding research has established that Lifeline has 97% brand recognition, much of which has been earned from the 24/7 Lifeline Telephone Crisis Support Service 13 11 14, and our recycle shops. Another strong component of Lifeline's place in the Australian community is specialised training, not only the training course to join our crisis telephone support service, but also the suite of skills-for-life-training programs.

Our agency’s twin missions of providing skills in crisis support and suicide prevention, alongside strategies to care-for-carers, are woven into our highly complementary range of deliverables. Being skilled to acutely and astutely listen to someone (ACCIDENTAL COUNSELLOR FOUNDATIONS) may enable a frontline worker or caregiver to better recognise domestic violence (DV-ALERT, DV-AWARE), a mental health problem (MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID), or risk of suicide (safeTALK, MIND YOUR MATES, ASIST), all the while being mindful of self-care (ALL ABOUT YOU: SELF-CARE IN THE WORKPLACE). That is the reason this range of training is dubbed skills-for-life.

Unlike other training, this type of participation keeps on giving well after completion of the workshop.

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