Thursday 1st June

6 am - 11:45 pm

Join the Push-up Challenge!

It’s free to sign up, and we welcome whatever exercise you can do. Think sit-ups, squats, knee push-ups, star jumps, modified exercises - it all goes! Anyone can join in and push for better mental health.

Funds raised through The Push-Up Challenge will ensure Lifeline’s local critical crisis support and suicide prevention service are accessible to anyone who needs them - anytime, anywhere and in the way those who need support feel most comfortable approaching.

Lifeline currently receives over 3,000 calls for help from Australians in crisis every single day. That’s one call every 30 seconds.

Please support our local Lifeline Central Coast in 2023 by clicking the link below or selecting other and then Lifeline Central Coast as your beneficiary when registering.

How does it work?

You can solo or grab some mates and challenge yourself to 3,144 push-ups from 1 to 23 June. You can also aim for half or the full push-up target. 3,144 push-ups represents the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2021

I can't do push-ups. What else can I do?

We welcome any exercise that you can do, and it's not just push-ups. You can do Sit-ups, pull-ups, star jumps, squats or any modified exercise. This challenge is all about moving and bettering your mental health!

All the details

  • Runs from 1 to 23 June, 2023
  • 3,144 push-ups in total, representing the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2021. You can also do a half challenge!
  • You can track your own and your team's progress online.
  • Get fit, learn about mental health & Fundraise for your local Lifeline